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Sanskrit Conversation - Preparation

To be read aloud, or sounded out in your mind:

Learning Sanskrit is both a challenge and an adventure. Its structure is different from English, which means you can’t just translate word by word. But when you’re exposed to it, if you just let the words come, you will see intuitively how the phrases you are learning come together.

Learning languages is an exciting thing to do. It’s also something you’re good at. Because language is merely making sounds and putting them in the right order. In this short program, you are going to get your toes wet, like dipping them into a vast pool of language. But when you are done, you will have had an imaginary conversation in perfectly good Sanskrit, one that you will be able to have again in real life should you choose, and should you find a Sanskrit speaker, of course. So now let’s count to three, then have our conversation.

And 1) sit back, relax, and let the words go by and before you know it they’ll be sinking in. Just keep reading, but as you are reading, you can take a little stroll along a garden path. And maybe you should perk your ears to hear fountains trickling in the background. And let your mind open to an expanse of green in front of you. You can learn wherever you want, of course, but learning in a nice, lush, lovely garden would be a nice place to learn, wouldn’t it.

And 2) Let the words go by, and enjoy the nice lovely garden, and take a nice walk along the path that goes through that garden. As you are walking amongst the bushes, and the flowers, walking along the path, you will come to a place where the path forks. If you follow the path to the left, you will meet a nice young lady.

And 3) Once you have turned left, and have walked about twenty feet, you meet Devi. Her face is kind, and welcoming, and you are glad to be meeting her. And now, something magical will happen. When you meet Devi, you will speak Sanskrit with her. And because you are ready, the time to talk to her is now.

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