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Azerbaijani Greetings

The next seven pages offer around thirty-five words and phrases for the most basic communication in Azerbaijani. Those who wish to go further should check out the resources mentioned on the previous page. This course is intended to give those who are curious a little insight into how things are said in Azerbaijani while making the language seem a little more familiar and a little less imposing to the student about to undertake more serious study. By memorizing a list every one to three days, you will pick up a useful stock of phrases for survival and conversation within a couple weeks. Please note that our pronunciation guide is very loose. Here is the first list, opening the way for conversation whether it be morning, noon or night:

Good morning: Sabahınız xeyir (sah bah huh nuhs hey er)

Good day: Yaxşi gün (yahk shi goon)

Good night: Axşamınız xeyir (ahk shah muh nuhs hey er)

How are you? Necəsiz? (ney juh siz)

Thanks, fine: Sağ olun, yaxşıyam. (sah oh lun, yahk shi yahm)

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