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Sources for Learning Azerbaijani

This Itty Bitty Azerbaijani Course is, of course, light years from a complete program. But it should have given you a few words to drop should you find yourself in that neighborhood. The pronunciation guide, it should be clear, is intended to help an English speaker get the words out, not to become native fluent.

We hope this course has been helpful and that the opening notes connecting Azerbaijani and other languages broadened your horizons a little bit more still. Nonetheless, this course is barely a beginning.

To learn more, and hear the language spoken, click immediately to, where there is free flashcard program with 17 lessons, including audio. And if you decide to go further, by all means purchase the whole course – which includes a free audio for your MP3 player.

The information in this course was drawn from’s Azerbaijani,, Lonely Planet Central Asian Phrasebook, Lonely Planet Turkish Phrasebook, the Turkmen Dictionary and Phrasebook (Awde et al), Language/30 Turkish and our own previously published resources for Turkish, Uzbek, Dari, Arabic and about the languages of Islam. In order to keep resources like these available, we ask that those with a serious interest in Azerbaijani patronize the enterprises that produce them, using our courses as a starting point.

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