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Azerbaijani Vocabulary

Right from the start of our course, the Arabic influence pops out. “Sabahınız xeyir” (“Good morning”) is almost identical to the Arabic “sabah il-xeyr.” The phrase for “Good night” is in the middle – Turkish “akşamlar” (night) and Arabic “xeyr” – “Axşamınız xeyir.” Notice that so far, we’re using the Arabic word for “good” or “fine.” Our next phrase uses the more standard Central Asian word, yaxshi. “Yaxşi gün” means “Good day.” Turkish itself goes with another word for good – the phrase is “İyi günler,” which means “Good days,” like Spanish “Buenos diás.”

There is only one straight Persian phrase in this little guide, “Xuda hafiz” – identical to one Farsi goodbye, but other Persian terms (like “xanim” for “Mrs.”) are scattered through the language.

International vocabulary comes up as well: “duş” = French “douche” (“shower”). “Tualet” and “avtobus” should be clear enough. And “pivə” corresponds to the word for beer in the Slavic languages. Finally, “qahvə” (“coffee”) and “çay” (“tea”) are about as international as it gets.

Azerbaijani is, in the end, a Turkic language, however, and while Arabic, Persian and international elements are present, the Turkic base is quite evident. Those who know another Turkic language will recognize a lot. Those who wish to learn one likewise won’t be making a bad start in picking up a few words in Azerbaijani. A few highlights, then the course:

Adın (Az) = Adın (Tk) = Your name

Adım (Az) = Adım (Tk) = My name

Çox güzel (Az) = Çok güzel (Tk) = Very beautiful (used for “Pleased to meet you.”)

Sağ olun (Az) = Sağ ol (Tk) = an informal “Thank you”

Təşəkkur eləyirəm (Az) = Teşekkur ederim (Tk) = formal “Thank you”)

…harada? (Az) = …nerede? (Tk) = Where is…?

Bir (Az) = Bir (Tk) = one

And now, having encountered a little Arabic, a little Persian, somewhat more Turkish and just under twenty Azerbaijani words, it’s time to begin. As with all the Itty Bitty Courses, this course offers Azerbaijani in small bites. By memorizing a few phrases a day, you will learn just enough to get yourself in trouble – or maybe get yourself out of trouble! Serious students should investigate the free demo Before You Know It Azerbaijani program (at and probably purchase the full program. For those content to add a few phrases to what is here, check out

Ready? Next comes the course, with greetings...

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