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First Conversation in Sanskrit - Part I

You want to greet Devi, and without thinking, you greet her by saying:

Namo namah – Greetings.

Namo namah – Greetings – she answers in kind.

You want to know her name, so you inquire:

Bhavatyaah naama kim? – Your name (is) what?

Because she is a woman, the question starts with bhavatyaah.

She takes in the questions, Bhavatyaah naama kim? and answers,

Mama naama Devi – My name (is) Devi.

You are processing this, and realize that to give your name, you would say,

Mama naama, followed by your name.

You wonder if you should say it, when she warmly asks,

Bhavatah naama kim? = Your name (is) what?

Because you are a man, the question started bhavatah. You make a mental note…

To ask a woman’s name, you say:

Bhavatyaah naama kim?

To ask a man’s name, you say:

Bhavatah naama kim?

As you’re taking this in, you realize you should answer the question, so you say:

Mama naama… and finish with your name.

Devi waits patiently for you to process what you have learned, and you take advantage, by replaying the conversation so far in your mind:

Namo namah.

Namo namah.

Bhavatyaah naama kim?

Mama naama Devi. Bhavatah naama kim?

Mama naama… end with your name…

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