Rosetta Stone Language Software

First Conversation in Sanskrit

This program will teach you to have a very short conversation in Sanskrit. When you are done, you will be able to exchange greetings, ask how someone is doing, exchange names and take your leave of someone.

The program may seem somewhat unusual in its language and structure. It is intended to put you in a frame of mind where you can sort of pick up the language, as opposed to making a conscientious effort to learn. The key is not to study, but to read the passage, out loud, two or three times over the course of one or two days.

The program is not hypnotic language learning, per se, but it does make use of elements of self-hypnotic induction, so that you can treat the language as something to live, rather than as an object to study.

Because Sanskrit makes extensive use of vocabulary that varies according to the gender of the speaker or the person being spoken to, there are two versions:

In one version, the subject of the lesson (you) is a male, and the other character, Devi, is a female.

In the other version, the subject of the lesson (you) is a female, and the other character, Ashok, is a male.

Both versions will expose you to the masculine and feminine forms, but with the emphasis slightly shifted so that male and female visitors will know what to listen for when being spoken to.

Click to begin (males) - Click to begin (females)