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From Turkey to Western China, there exists not so much a family of languages as a continuum of languages. Bits of Turkic, plus Arabic and Persian – from the Muslim expansion – crop up all the way along the Old Silk Route. On the western side, one stop along the continuum is Azerbaijani.

Azerbaijani is spoken in Azerbaijan, a former Soviet Republic, and much of Iran. Azerbaijanis, in fact, are the leading minority in Iran. Lately, it’s the Azeris of Iran that are in the news (this in being written in June of 2006) as ethnic unrest has led to violence in some parts and some Turkmen have grabbed the chance to advocate for greater respect for all Turkic peoples – not just Azeris.

On this site, Persian/Farsi is represented by the variant spoken in Afghanistan, Dari. On the Turkic side, we have Uzbek and Turkish. Now we’re going to connect a few dots between Turkish and Uzbek with this Itty Bitty Course on Azerbaijani. The main course, as with all the courses, consists of little chunks of the language to be learned and played with. However, we’re going to start with an introduction to about half the items in the course in terms of what other languages you can use them with.

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