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Itty Bitty Finnish Lesson Five

Today, you need to PC 1 and learn PC 8,9:

Card 1
Hei (hey) - Hi
Näkemiin (nack-ay-mean) - Bye

Card 8
Minun nimeni on... (mee-noon nee-may-nee ohn) - My name is...
Mikä sinun nimesi on? (mee-ka see-noon nee-may-see ohn) - What's your name?

Remember that “on” means “is.” Now compare:
minun nimeni on… - My name is…
sinun nimesi on… - Your name is…
Mikä (what) sinun nimesi on? What your name is?

Card 9
Hauska tavata (house-kah tah-vah-tah) - Pleased to meet you.
Hi, I’m Oscar de Water – Pleased to meet you!
Puhutko englantia? (poo-hoot-koh eng-lahn-tya) - Do you know English?
This is a tricky one. If you see something in the word, use it. Suggestion: boo-hoo…