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Itty Bitty Finnish Lesson Four

Card 4
Katso! (cot-so) - Look!
Kuule! (cool-eh) - Listen!

Card 5
Tule! (too-leh) - Come!
Varovasti! (vahr-oh-vah-stee) -

Card 6
Mikä tämä on? (mee-ka ta-ma ohn) - What is this?
mikä = what; tämä = this; on = is: What this is? Mikä tämä on?
Paljonko se maksaa? (pal-yonko say mahk-saah) - How much does it cost?
Hey, pal – you – what’s i’ make, sir? (paljonko = “how much”)

Card 7
Haluaisin... (hol-why-sin) - I would like...
Your favorite postmodern playwright is giving a command performance for you. You tell him: “I would like the hallway scene – haluaisin.”
Missä... on? (mees-sa... ohn) - Where is...?
The theater is missing! Missä the theater on?