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Really Itty Bitty Course - Noun Lesson Intro

Before you start the noun section, you should be on at least lesson four (lesson three for Swahili) of the phrase lessons. This is because you'll be making use of card 7 (card 5 for Swahili) from the phrase lessons in order to make coherent questions with the nouns.

Learning nouns on their own can be useful. You can point. Or you can specify them in a questioning tone of voice. But it's better to be able to pair them with a phrase like "I'd like" or "Where is". This will make the language feel more natural to you, so you'll learn better.

Note that in many languages, the precise forms of a noun vary depending on how it's used in the sentence. I've tried to select the forms most likely to be used with the sentences you'll be forming. But it won't always work out this way. If somebody looks momentarily confused, then corrects your phrasing, don't worry about it. For the moment, you'll have gotten your point across, and later on you'll start to figure out patterns on your own. In this case, incorrect language is the stepping stone to correct language, whereas not opening your mouth till you're sure of eloquence will guarantee that you never open your mouth.

In the Phrase lessons, you were largely given complete sentences or thoughts. In the noun section, it's up to you. Use your questions from card 7 to make up your own complete phrases and you'll be on your way from parroting to actually speaking the language.