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Really Itty Bitty Course - Phrase Lesson Intro

This section of the Really Itty Bitty Course will teach you a few basic phrases for indicating your most basic needs and for showing that you're making a good faith effort to communicate. Remember to be gracious in using them if you hope for your hosts to be gracious in trying to understand. In so doing, they will help you learn more and build on the small foundation this course offers.

There are, of course, very good - but also, very expensive - courses that will do a lot of the work for you. But in my experience, the more work you do for yourself and the more you figure out on your own, the more your learning sticks with you. Among the best ways to learn is in making flashcards. Even if you never look at them again, the act of making them establishes connections in terms of sight and touch. If you take the trouble to pronounce what you're writing, you will have experienced each word or phrase in three different sensory modes. In a word, make the flashcards. Better still, carry them around with you according to the directions once you have done so.

Using your flashcards
Over the course of five days, you will encounter all twenty words and phrases in this section. After doing each day's lessons, select the appropriate flashcards. Then, each time you encounter an appropriate situation (greeting someone, asking directions, etc), think about the appropriate phrase in your new language. If you can't remember, consult your flashcards.

After the first five days, you will not have any new material, but there is a sequence for working through the flashcards again. Following this sequence should maximize your retention of the items you have learned.