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Itty Bitty Finnish Lesson One

Today you’ll be learning the words on Phrase Cards 1,2,3. Take the cards (make them now, if you haven’t), go through them now and be sure to look at them whenever you get a spare moment. To help you remember, here they are, each with a memory prompt:

Card 1
Hei (hey) – Hi
“Hey” for “Hi” should be easy to remember.
Näkemiin (nack-ay-mean) – Bye
Imagine a man who’s got a mean knack for saying “bye.” His knack i’ mean for saying “bye.”

Card 2
Kylla (kewl-uh) – Yes
Said the Valley Girl, “The boss said “Yes” to my raise. Kewl, uh?”
Ei (ay) – No
There’s no way, ei?

Card 3
Ole hyvä (o-lay hew-va) – Please
Facing down the charging vacuum cleaner, the matador said, “Ole, Hoover, please be gentle.” (I didn’t promise good memory prompts, just memory prompts.)
Kiitos (key-toss) – Thanks
“Need a key? I’ll toss it to you.” Thanks for the key-toss.