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IB Finnish Nouns One

Because you have already been working through the Prase Course, you’re aware of how this works. For the noun course, we’ll abbreviate things a little bit – just the words and clues for new words.

PC (Phrase Card) 7
Haluaisin... (hol-why-sin) - I would like...
Missä... on? (mees-sa... ohn) - Where is...?

NC 1,2
Card 1
Huoneen (hwoh-nayn) – Room
When the sun is waning, you need a huoneen to sleep in.
Kylpyhuone (kewl-pew-hwoh-neh) – Bathroom
-huone, like huoneen, so kylpy-huone is bath-room

Card 2
Valintamymälä (va-lin-tah-moo-ma-la) – Supermarket
There’s value in the valintamymälä.
Kahvila (kah-vee-lah) – Café
Go to the kahvila to get some kahvia.