Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Indonesian Lesson One – Basics

Hello – Selamat siang (Good day)
Goodbye – Saya pergi dulu (I must be going)
Excuse me – Permisi

I’m sorry – Maaf
How are you? – Apa khabar? (What’s the news?)
(It’s) good – Baik

Please – Minta
Thank you – Terima kasih (give love)
You’re welcome – Kembali (return)

Where is…? – … di mana? (at where?)
Bus station – Terminal bis
Where is the bus station? – Terminal bis di mana?

Airport – Lapangan Terbang
Market – Pasar
Train station – Stasiun kareta api

Restaurant – Rumah makan (place of eating)
Hotel – Hotel
Where is the hotel? – Hotel di mana?

Police – Polisi
Ambulance – Ambulans
Doctor – Dokter

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