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Getting More from the Itty Bitty Courses

The Itty Bitty Courses are designed to teach a little bit in a little bit of time. They are not intended to be in depth. But… if you want to learn the information we’ve packed into these courses really well, there are a few things you can do to enhance your learning.

1) Really follow the suggestions about music. People tend to get really nervous when they think about speaking a foreign language and you need your mind to be calm.

2) Make flashcards – seven per lesson, one for each grouping of three. Shuffle through them when you get spare moments throughout the day. Once you’re done with the course, go through all thirty-five cards, eliminating those you always get right until you run out of flashcards. Repeat.

3) Imagine using your language in everyday situations. How, given your limited vocabulary, would you get your point across at the grocery store or the bank. (Hint: “Please, this” – “Thank you” and “Where is the bathroom?” – “Thank you” don’t make for sophisticated conversation, but they get the job done without offending.)

4) Make your own tapes/CDs: record yourself reading a lesson over some soft classical. Then play the day’s lesson right before you go to bed. Listen to it a couple times instead of watching a rerun on television.

5) Use these ideas and any you come up with on your own in small but frequent bits of time, not over one extended period of time. Let the language seep into your mind off and on throughout the day so it becomes a part of you. Note that long, intense study sessions are usually less useful: If you study for ten minutes, five times a day, your language will become something you live with. If you study for two hours in one block, it will become something you did, then put away.