Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Food II - grains and fruits

rice / nasi / bigás / laiki
bread / roti / tinapay / palaoa

avocado / alpokat / abokádo / *
mango / mangga / manggá / manakó
banana / pisang / saging / mai'a

* Our resources for Hawaiian are limited. When we don't immediately come across a vocabulary item for the language, we're assuming the English will do.

Notice how Hawaiian says ma-na-kó for "mango" to avoid putting two consonants together.

Notice also how far mispronuciations can travel: Nahuatl áhuacatl (Mexico) goes to Spanish aguacate, winds up in most of Europe as a variant of avocado (eg Italian avocado, Fr. avocat, German avocado), then comes around the globe the rest of the way for Tag. abokádo, Ind. alpokat.