Rosetta Stone Language Software

Deep Learning

Deep Learning:
Enhance Memory & Concentration
Kelly Howell

If you read the back cover, this product suggests it stimulates "theta brain waves," physically preparing the mind for learning. This may well be true. Or not. I don't know enough about the science to know if there's anything to this.

On the other hand, this cassette isn't like any you've likely heard. In many ways, it's like listening to a melodic refrigerator hum. The overall effect is to keep you alert while tuning out what's going on around you. Whether this constitutes brain wave stimulation for concentration or just creates a learning environment where distractions are minimized I cannot say, but the effect is not undesirable.

For memorizing lists and for reading through the kind of material that leaves you thinking more about what might be on television, this cassette has its value, provided you're willing to buy into its premise enough to just read and let the noise run in the background. If you're highly skeptical, however, you're likely to mostly think about how it's not working.

Bottom line: For those who need a little help concentrating and are open-minded about how to manage it, it's worth risking the $10.00. Also available on CD.