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Product Review

Dr. Blair's ... in no Time sets

These little kits seem like an ideal approach. In lieu of the traditional listen and repeat approach, there's an effort at creating actual content. The premise of the Spanish program is that the evil James Corp. has taken over the radios and is playing annoying music with subliminal messages to buy their products. The premise, though a bit hackneyed (are there educators - even who run large businesses - who don't just write off business as evil?), isn't the problem. The problem is that while there's a light-hearted premise with deliciously stereotyped characters, there are too many exercises that are in the old-style, just with unusual introductions.

Dr. Blair's main program is the Power-Glide method, which takes the ideas of the "In no time" sets a lot further. However, the cost is a bit prohibitive - certainly too much so for the sites to investigate (they're welcome to donate a copy for us to review). As for the "In no time" sets, they strike me as a fairly good investment, cost-wise, for true beginners who want to pick up a little bit of the language. However, if you had a year in college and are just afraid you've forgotten it all, you're probably better off with Michel Thomas.