Monday, January 05, 2009

Building Up Your Uzbek II

Here are seven more sentences to illustrate the workings of Uzbek. In learning them, you can assimilate the grammar more naturally.

1. Uy-ingiz-ga bor-ing.

uy: home; -ingiz: your; -ga: to; bor: go; -ing: imperative

Uyingizga boring!
Go home!
(Home-your-to go!)

2. Men-i ___-ga olib bor-ing.

men: I; -ni: direct object; meni: me; olib: causative

Meni ___-ga olib boring!
Take me to ___!
(Me ___-to make go!)

3. Men-ga ___-ni ber-ing.

ber: give

Menga ___ bering!
Give me!
(Me-to give!)

4. Men-ga olib kel-ing.

kel: come

Menga olib keling!
Bring me!
(Me-to make come!)

5. Qimirla-mang.

qimirla: to move; -mang: negative command (-ma: not + -ing: imperative)

Don't move!

6. Ot-mang!

ot: to throw or shoot

Don't shoot!

7. Teg-mang!

teg: touch

Don't touch!

Once you've read through the items, try reading just the boldface entries a few times to get the sentences better anchored in your memory.