Sunday, January 04, 2009

Building Up Your Uzbek - by tearing it down - I

Once you've got a stock of Uzbek phrases in mind, you can learn more using the self-talk method, the Iverson method or any number of other techniques. To get the most from your learning, though, you'll want to gradually improve your knowledge of Uzbek structures so that you can break down and fully understand the phrases you're learning.

The next three lessons give twenty-one phrases extracted from the DLI Uzbek Basic Survival Language Guide (found here). Their content is military, which may be useful or may just be memorable. The true value of these phrases is that they illustrate a handful of common components of slightly more complex sentences. By keeping them in mind, you'll always have a sort of miniature grammar with you.

1. Buyruq-lar-imiz-ni bajar-ing.

buyruq: command; -lar: plural; -imiz: our; -ni: direct object; bajar: execute or carry out; -ing: imperative

Buyruqlarimizni bajaring!
Carry out our orders!
(Order-s-our-d.o. carry out!)

2. Qurol-ingiz-ni past-ga qo'y-ing.

qurol: weapon; -ingiz: your; past: below; -ga: to; qo'y: put

Qurolingizni pastga qo'ying!
Put down your weapon!
(Weapon-your-d.o. down-to put!)

3. Bu yer-ga kel-ing.

bu: this; yer: place; kel: come

Bu yerga keling!
Come here!
(This place-to come!)

4. Shu yer-da tur-ing.

shu: this; -da: at; tur: stand

Shu yerda turing!
Stay here!
(This place-at stand!)

5. Joy-ingiz-da tur-ing.

joy: place; note that yer (place) means land; joy is from a Persian word for place.

Joyingizda turing!
Stay where your are!
(Place-your-at stay!)

6. Ket-im-da yur-ing.

ket: back; -im: my; yur: move, walk

Ketimda yuring!
Follow me!
(Back-my-at walk!)

7. Men bilan yur-ing.

men: I; bilan: together

Men bilan yuring!
Come with me!
(I together walk!)

Now let's take our seven phrases again, this time absorbing them instead of analyzing them. I have used hyphens to separate the elements.

1. Buyruq-lar-imiz-ni bajar-ing.
Follow our orders.
2. Qurol-ingiz-ni past-ga qo'y-ing.
Put down your weapon.
3. Bu yer-ga kel-ing.
Come here.
4. Shu yer-da tur-ing.
Stay here.
5. Joy-ingiz-da tur-ing.
Stay where you are.
6. Ket-im-da yur-ing.
Follow me.
7. Men bilan yur-ing.
Come with me.