Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Colors II

Here’s the second group of colors, again with memory tips and derivations.
yellow / żółty / žlutý / žltá
orange / pomarańczowy / oranžový / oranžová
pink / różowy / řůžový / ružová
purple / fioletowy / nachový / nachová
brown / brązowy / hnědý / hnedá
yellow:  same source as green, namely ghel- (bright, shining, yellow).  Try thinking of “gelled jello” to get to Czech/Slovak zh(uh)ltee/a.
orange:  means oranges.  think of an orange pomegranite for Polish.
pink:  is like a rose – or maybe a rozhe
purple escapes my understanding
brown:  Polish is “brown-zowie!”  (bran-zovee).  You’re on your own for Czech and Slovak.