Thursday, July 08, 2004

When you don't speak the language...

Language issues

In this lesson, we’re going to learn a few “meaning units” and build some short phrases around them. First go through the lesson quickly so you can see the similarities between languages. Then review more carefully. Finally, do the exercise.

rozumi- (row-zoo-me-) – understand : row me to the zoo, I understand
nie (nyeh) – not : just like the yays and nays

rozumiem (roh-zoo-myem) – I understand
nie rozumiem – I don’t understand

rozumí- (row-zoo-me-) – understand
ne- (nay-) – not

rozumím (roh-zoo-meem) – I understand
nerozumím – I don’t understand

rozumi- (row-zoo-me-) – understand
ne- (nay-) - not

rozumiem (roh-zoo-mee-ehm) – I understand
nerozumiem – I don’t understand

mówi- (movie) – speak : imagine talking in a movie

mówię (moo-vyeh) – I speak
mówi (moo-vee) – (you) speak
mówi (moo-vee) – (he) speaks
pan – Mr./you (to a man) / pani – Ms./you (to a woman)
pan/pani mówi – you speak

mluví- (mloo-vee) – speak : associate with Polish mówi- (movie)

mluvím (mloo-veem) – I speak
mluvíte (mloo-vee-teh) – you speak
mluví – he speaks

hovorí- (hoe-vo-ree-) – to speak : speak only if you have a reason

hovorím (hoe-vo-reem) – I speak
hovoríte (hoe-vo-ree-tyeh) – you speak
hovorí – he speaks

angielsku (ang-yel-skoo) - English : like Anglo-Saxon
po angielsku (po ang-yel-skoo) – English language
czy (chee) – question word
Czy pan/pani mówi po angielsku? – Do you speak English?

anglicky (ang-lit-ski) – English
Mluvíte anglicky? – Do you speak English?

po anglicky (po ang-lit-ski) – English language
Hovoríte po anglicky? – Do you speak English?

ktoś (k-towsh) – anyone / tu – here
Czy ktoś tu mówi po angielsku? – Does anyone here speak English?

někdo (nyeg-do) – anybody
Mluví někdo anglicky? – Does anybody speak English?

niekto (nyek-toe) – anybody
Hovorí niekto po anglicky? – Does anyone speak English?

Now it’s time to make sure you picked up some of the above. Figure out the proper response to the following three situations in the designated language.

1. You’re walking down the street in Warsaw (Poland) and someone asks you for the time. You think. But you don’t know since you don’t speak Polish. You say, “I don’t understand.”

2. You twisted your knee while walking in Prague and people are trying to help. But you can’t explain what’s wrong. You ask, “Does anybody speak English?”

3. You got as far as “Hello” at a bar in Bratislava, but the burst of Slovak that followed was over your head. You ask, “Do you speak English?”

1. Nie rozumiem. / 2. Mluví někdo anglicky? 3. Hovoríte po anglicky?