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Itty Bitty Arabic Course

Here are the contents for the Itty Bitty Arabic Course:

Introduction to Arabic

Lesson One - Basics

Lesson Two - More Basics

Lesson Three - Still More Basics

Lesson Four - A Few More Basics

Lesson Five - Nouns

An Alternative Approach to Lesson One

This little program introduces some Arabic phrases (greetings, please and thank you) and one grammatical construct (Where is...?). To use it, click the button below and just watch until it's cycled through a few times. Come back in a few hours (or a day) and do it again until you feel comfortable that the associations are there. Then have a look at the Itty Bitty Course to learn some more.

Close the window when you are done.

Note: This little routine uses CSS with DHTML and javascript. It is browser dependent. It functions on Internet Explorer, but other browsers may not display text correctly or at all.