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Arabic Lesson One - Basics

Hello - as-salaamu alaykum
Goodbye - Allah isallim-ak/-ik*
Excuse me - law sa-maHt

I'm sorry - aasif/aasfa
How are you? - izzayy-ak/-ik?*
I'm fine - kwayiis(a)

Please - min faDl-ak/-ik*
Thank you - shukran
You're welcome - 'afwan

Where is...? - ain...?
Bus station - maHaTTa baaSaat
Where is the bus station? - ain maHaTTa baaSaat?

Airport - maTaar
Market - suuq
Train station - maHaTTa qiTaar

Restaurant - maT'am
Hotel - funduq
Where is the hotel? - ain funduq?

Police - buliis
Ambulance - sayaara al-is'ef
Doctor - Tabiib

Note: Arabic has gender. When two possibilities are given, the first is masculine, the second feminine. If marked with an *, the phrase changes for the person spoken to. Otherwise, it changes according to the person speaking.