Monday, July 12, 2004

Name calling - Introductions in Germanic

In the Germanic languages, you're less likely to say "My name is..." than "I am called..."

heissen - to be called
ich heisse - I am called
Sie heissen - you are called
wie - how

Wie heissen Sie? - What's your name?
Ich heisse John. - I am John.

heten - to be called
ik heet - I am called
u heet - you are called
hoe - how

Hoe heet u? - What's your name?
Ik heet John. - I am John.

att heta - to be called
jag heter - I am called
du heter - you are called
vad - what

Vad heter du? - What's your name?
Jag heter John. - I am John.

Having come this far, it would be a shame to lapse into impoliteness. So next, say:

German: Angenehm.
Dutch: Aangenaam.
Swedish: Angenämt.

All three responses could be translated, "A pleasure."

Now to make sure you got it all, fill in the table below, mentally or by printing it out and writing in responses. Look above to confirm your answers.

- Hi, I'm John.- Tag. Ich heisse John.- Dag. Ik heet John.- Hej, -
What's your name? - - Vad heter du?
- I'm Frank. - - Jag heter Frank.
- A pleasure.- Angenehm. - Angenämt.

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