Rosetta Stone Language Software

Pimsleur Romance Language Programs

The Pimsleur language programs are simply the best for those who need a few phrases and have difficulties with foreign languages and accents. They introduce phrases slowly, as part of conversations, and help you get everything down pat, making sure you know how to say every last syllable. The programs are listed in order of Spanish, French then Italian (just in case the titling isn't clear).

Starter packs (4 cassettes or CDs) will teach you just enough for a few everyday tasks like introducing yourself, getting a cup of coffee and finding out where to get a taxi.

Travel packs (8 cassettes or CDs) will give you enough to do the things that tourists generally do while communicating in the local language.

The big lesson packages will leave you fairly comfortable with everyday life activities in a foreign country, and give you a sound basis for picking up more of the language on your own.