Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Good morning!

Visitors to the "First 50 words in Spanish, French and Italian" will know it started with individual words and showed how to put them together. Because the Germanic languages are trickier - a lot more endings, among other things - I think it's better to learn whole phrases and gradually learn what's inside. For that reason, we're going to start with several greetings of the "Good morning" variety, then break out the pieces. For example, in this first item, you'll plainly see "good" and "morning," but we're not going to figure out anything in the middle yet.

Here's Good Morning:

Guten MorgenGoedemorgenGodmorgon
gooten mor-genkhoodö mor-khöngoo-mo-ron

kh as in loch; oo as in "book"; oo (no italics) as in "boo"; ö like German schön, French peu (use "er" if you can't get it)

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