Terms of Service/Use

The Hugo Pages is a division of gbarto.com, a service provided by Geoffrey Barto, MA (French Language, Literature and Culture). The whole of the site, save for original French poetry by Victor Hugo (and Alphonse de Lamartine), has been created by him unless otherwise noted.


The words (save Victor Hugo and Alphonse de Lamartine's French) are copyright Geoffrey Barto, unless otherwise noted. The presentation, coding and organization are all copyright Geoffrey Barto, who has full ownership of all of the above to the extent that they are protected by law. It is the position of gbarto.com and The Hugo Pages that the "Let's Read together" method on selected pages is an integration of methods used in "readers" for at least one hundred years. Users are welcome to adapt the methodology, though its application to the selected poems is, of course, copyright Geoffrey Barto.


Geoffrey Barto and gbarto.com grant users the right to quote the content of web pages at length for purposes of review and quotation in commentary. Essays and commentaries are not to be fully reproduced in any form without prior arrangements being made with Geoffrey Barto.

Poetry translations may be reproduced for free for classroom use (with individual student copies being given) provided that the following conditions are met:

Translations cannot be bound into course materials or any other form for sale without prior arrangments being made with Geoffrey Barto.


The Hugo Pages are - as is evident - a free service of gbarto.com. We love Victor Hugo and would like to see more people introduced to his poetry. We encourage teachers and educators at all levels to link to the pages and to make use of our translations as specified above. However, this "free" service costs us a certain amount of money to maintain. Others distributing Hugo materials at their own expense are welcome to use our stuff according to the copyright terms. However, if anyone hopes to make a profit with something that includes our work, we'd like a share in order to fund this service. We believe this is reasonable.


The Hugo Pages is the work of semi-professional scholars. It is done at their expense on their own time. Should the creators of the Hugo Pages become fabulously wealthy by dint of their labors on this project, some sort of accountability may be established at a later date. For the moment, using these pages requires the following:

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