About the Hugo Pages and Les Pages Lamartine

These pages are the work of Geoffrey Barto and gbarto.com.

While the essays and a few poems are in standard html, most of the content pages in the site are in XML. For this reason, they are best viewed in Internet Explorer 6.0 and up. For those whose browsers don't support XML and XSL, there is the option of clicking on the [HTML] link after selected poems. The presentation isn't as nice but the raw text is at least visible. For those poems not available in this form, the reader can view the source XML the same way one views source HTML. The tags should be self-explanatory, save for "prelim," which indicates matter appearing before a poem, "si" (stanza information) for matter immediately preceding a stanza, and 'l in="1",' which indicates that the line is indented.

It is our hope to soon have a workaround for out-of-compliance browsers; in the mean time, we hope the mirror site for selected content will be of help.

Those with questions or recommendations about the Hugo Pages and Les Pages Lamartine can e-mail us at hugo@gbarto.com.

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